Friday, January 9, 2015

Solar Image: 10 January 2015

Today is a bright & sunny Saturday morning. There are several sunspot groups in the Sun today. I've been receiving good feedback for my 3D rendering of transit ARs from the solar imaging community that I've decided to add them to my usual whole disk white-light images (which are now posted at the sidebar of this blog). The 3D render brings out much detail in the umbral and penumbral structure of the sunspot groups.

AR 2257 is growing in size and may pose a threat for M-class flares. It currently has a McIntosh class Dki and released 3 C-class flares yesterday (C 9.6, C 1.8, C 1.9).

Another sunspot group that seems to be growing in size is AR 2259 [Eko] with two C-class flares yesterday.

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