Solar Observation Program
The Solar Observation Program (SOP) of Rizal Technological University is a research program I initiated in the summer of S.Y. 2012-2013. It was created to improve the scientific capabilities of the students in the BS Astronomy Technology Program of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences. The program was later renamed as Solar Observation and Research Program (SORP) by the department in the second semester of 2014, then Solar Monitoring Guild in the first semester of 2015. The SOP means to develop the skills and knowledge of solar observers as well as contribute to science through data gathering, archiving, and distribution. The SOP conducts morphological and statistical studies of the Sun.

Philippine Light Map

The PLM is a crowd-sourcing project that teachers participants how to gather, process, and understand ground-based data on local light levels in different areas of the Philippines.


The Skyscape was an e-book collection of astrophotography from students and faculty of RTU's Department of Earth and Space Sciences. 

Astronomy PH

Astronomy PH is a quarterly non-profit, collaborative, open-access astronomy e-zine that highlights astronomy news, insights, and activities from the local astronomy community

Space Race

A space-themed robotics camp for the Specializing in Modern Interactive Learning Experience (SMILE Group)

Philippine Telescope Hour

Manila Street Astronomers' public engagement campaign for a simultaneous free telescope viewing event

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