Friday, May 27, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse of 2011

On June 16, 2011 there will be a total lunar eclipse visible to the Philippines. This is one of the two total lunar eclipses that will be visible in the Philippines, the other being on the 10th of Dec. The moon will pass almost exactly in front of the Earth's shadow and thus a totality of 1 hour and 40 mins. However, the moon will set before the moon exits the umbra.

Below is the time line of the eclipse phases predicted by Fred Espenak as provided by the Astronomical League of the Philippines

Moon Enters Penumbra 01:24:27am 45 deg 212 deg S 
Moon Enters Umbra 02:22:57am 37 deg 225 deg S
Moon Enters Totality 03:22:29am 26 deg 234 deg SW
Maximum Totality 04:13:44am 16 deg 240 deg SW
Moon Exits Totality 05:02:42am 06 deg 244 deg SW
Moonset 05:30:00am 00 deg 246 deg SW
Moon Exits Umbra (not visible) 06:02:14am ---------- -----------
Moon Exits Penumbra (not visible) 07:00:41am ---------- -----------

Friday, May 13, 2011

Comet Hyakutake at BenCab Museum

While I was studying in Dumaguete, my cousin tagged me in one of her photos in facebook. It was a picture of an astronomy related painting that she took from the BenCab Museum in Baguio City. When we came home to Baguio I finally got the chance to see the wonderful paintings in BenCab's museum. Being a visual artist as well I was really fascinated! Finally I got to see the painting - it was entitled Comet Hyakutake, an oil painting by Elmer Borlongan. Since I began doing astronomy paintings I enjoyed seeing other artistic creations of space.

Elmer Borlongan (below) is a fine arts graduate from the University of the Philippines and an artist awardee of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thin Waxing Crescent

After seeing the sunset from Baguio, we went down to Baguio's athletic bowl where they were holding the night market. I was still familiarizing myself with my aunt's camera settings for low-light photography by taking shots of SM and Baguio Cathedral. Later, I noticed the crescent moon setting in the west so I went across the field to get a better view. The earthshine on the moon's dark side was clear from my view.

The Setting Sun from SM City Baguio

 We were taking a walk one afternoon in Baguio (May 5, 2011), when we decided to stop by SM. We decided to rest in the veranda on the 4th floor when we saw the sun setting amongst the clouds over the view of Baguio city. Luckily, I had my aunt's camera (Sony DSC-H50) with me so I tested it out.

the Sun's disk peaking out of the clouds. Sony DSC-H50 red filter
fiery sun with built-in red filter of the Sony DSC-H50

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Waning Crescent

I got up at around 6:30 AM PST to take out the garbage here in Quezon hill, Baguio City, when on the way up back to the house I saw the crescent moon. Later that morning when the moon was around 80 degrees overhead I borrowed my Aunt's camera - a Sony DSC-H50. It was already bright so I couldn't capture finer detail from the moon, and I wasn't familiar with the features of the camera.