Monday, January 12, 2015

Solar Image: 12 January 2014

Here is today's whole disk image and 3D isophote rendering of the sunspot groups. This will be my last post for now before traveling back to the Andromeda Mobile Planetarium for work. I might get to image again on Saturday or Sunday when I get back to my equipment.

The receding sunspot groups AR 2257 and 2255 have developed gamma-delta magnetic fields putting the risk for M-class flares at 40%, and X-class flares at 10%. As of yesterday only eight C-class flares were released by active regions 2255, 2257, 2260 and 2262; five of which were by AR 2257.

I was hoping I can document the growth and development of AR 2259 [McIntosh: Eko] but it looks like I'll only get to catch up on that via the internet.
AR 2259

Well that's it for the mean time. Catch you guys next time! :)
Clear skies!

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