Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Three Astronomy Facebook Groups worth Visiting

Facebook is perhaps the most popular social media tool right now. It is a platform that supports many kinds of media and frameworks that enrich the social interaction in the digital scene. One of the popular features of Facebook is the Group.

Listed below are three of the best non-partisan astronomy groups:
*Note: Groups only (not pages) that are run by Filipinos

Group Description: "The ultimate source of information on astronomical discussions on astronomical equipment, observations, events, astrophotography, space programs, astrophysics, astro product reviews, etc. Anyone can join regardless of sex, race, astro affiliation, experience and skill level as long as topic on astronomy and its like are discussed and shared."

This originally started as a yahoo group led by members of the Astronomical League of the Philippines which eventually moved on to the popular FB group format. This is a popular FB group for sharing and discussing photos both by local and foreign astrophotographers. It also serves as an avenue for discussing and selling of equipment. At the time of writing there are 1757 members.

Group Description: "This page is intended for Filipino astronomy and space science enthusiasts and professionals. I hope this will bring us closer together by providing a medium for astronomy development for the country. This may be a subset of a larger existing Filipino Astro group but we want to start from a small circle so that members here can easily belong and participate. We will appreciate if you initiate discussions and share your own experiences to motivate others. We will also update you with relevant opportunities locally and abroad."

This group is more academic and technical in nature with posts usually revolving around research and academic practices in astronomy and space science. Popular post topics include the Philippine Microsatellite program, data processing, as well as conferences and workshops. There are occasional astrophotography posts, most of which are quite recent.

Group Description: Post, review, discuss, buy/sell your astronomy equipment here

This is a buy and sell group for astronomy equipment. It is also frequented by those looking for recommendations for their first telescopes. It also contains some astrophotography content.