Sunday, July 17, 2011


Aside from astronomy, I am, also engaged in visual arts. I'm currently getting fond of doing Astronomical Art (or space art as some may prefer). My previous post of paintings can be found here:

Astronomical Art is a means in which visual artists can merge the science of astronomy with art. It isn't merely depicting a starry landscape with planets but also trying to combine actual data to give an accurate representation. Some artists choose to call "space art" paintings with a spaceship of some sort. Often, you would see artist impressions on the covers of astronomy magazines or books. That's because astronomical art has the advantage of going beyond the visual wavelengths.

Here are some of my latest works mostly done with acrylic:

finger paint montage of the solar system (acrylic)

a comic merging of the telescope known as Astroscan to the popular Plants vs Zombies

Blood moon

coronal loops in the photosphere

the Hayabusa spacecraft

IC 342

an aerial view of Olympus Mons

Pleiades cluster

Primeval worlds during planetary formation filled with debris and planetesimals

the Ring Nebula in Lyra


Star-crossed lovers

a fictional image of an astronaut planting in Mars in hopes of terraforming the planet

instead of a Schmidt-Cassegrain on a fork-mount, I replaced it with a head to depict an individual's amazement for stargazing

a space art painting of an interstellar ship approaching a star

depiction of the 12 zodiac constellations used in the pseudo-science astrology