Friday, May 13, 2011

Comet Hyakutake at BenCab Museum

While I was studying in Dumaguete, my cousin tagged me in one of her photos in facebook. It was a picture of an astronomy related painting that she took from the BenCab Museum in Baguio City. When we came home to Baguio I finally got the chance to see the wonderful paintings in BenCab's museum. Being a visual artist as well I was really fascinated! Finally I got to see the painting - it was entitled Comet Hyakutake, an oil painting by Elmer Borlongan. Since I began doing astronomy paintings I enjoyed seeing other artistic creations of space.

Elmer Borlongan (below) is a fine arts graduate from the University of the Philippines and an artist awardee of the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

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Milolay Lila said...

Very nice. Our stargazer is writing good stuff. Art and astronomy, how well these two blend with you. More power!