Friday, December 14, 2012

Philippine Space Initiative

14 December 2012
From left: Frederick Gabriana, Dr. Jose Aban, Dr. Jesus Torres, Dr. Merle Tan

A press conference was held at Annabel's in Tomas Morato to Debunk the December 21 Doomsday event as well as to present the launching of the Philippine Space Initiative. Different media representatives were there to listen to the panel of astronomers and planetary scientists including:
  • Dr. Jesus Rodrigo Torres (RTU, President; member of the International Astronomical Union),
  • Dr. Jose Edgardo Aban (University of Brunei Darussalam/ Former Head of the DOST's Committee on Space Technology Applications)
  • Dr. Merle C. Tan (Former Head of UP-NISMED) and
  • Mr. Frederick Gabriana (DOST-ASTI/mathematician and expert in positional astronomy).
The event was hosted by Dr. Custer Deocaris (DOST Balik Scientist/Professor of Astrobiology).

A discussion was held to provide the media with credible scientific information with regards to the cataclysmic scenarios associated with the Mayan apocalypse.

The Philippine Space Initiative was also presented to celebrate the country's long-awaited entry into the "Space Age." This move is a continuation of the efforts in the country to create a Philippine Space Agency (PSA). The project is led by Rizal Technological University's Office for Space Science Innovation and Cooperation (OSSIC). A bill for the Philippine Space Act was drafted by Dr. Deocaris and presented to Congressman Palmones of the Agham party-list.

RTU Astro-Soc setting up their telescopes for a solar observation

RTU Astro-soc president John Lequiron being interviewed by ABS-CBN
"Astronomer ako, tuloy ang Pasko" Christmas will go on and the world won't end.

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