Saturday, December 22, 2012

Astronomy versus Astrology

Over the past few weeks, we have been busy debunking the doomsday hoax by providing a scientific explanation of the various scenarios.  In this endeavor however,  we came across a local TV network that consistently referred to astrologers for their broadcasts. Aside from that, when the network finally invited an astronomer to explain, their questions were focused more on social behavior rather than understanding the situation. As one of the major networks in the country it was sending the wrong stuff and providing a dependence in society on superstition.

Astrology is NOT A SCIENCE!  It is a belief system that connects the positions of heavenly bodies to predict human behavior. This has no scientific basis at all. Although astrology employs the use of observation of the heavenly bodies, the conclusions they form have no significant connection to their data.

Astronomy however is A SCIENCE.  It is a detailed and accurate study of the heavenly bodies and the physical laws that govern them. It is tested and proven through the years with detailed study and observations. Astronomy makes scientific predictions based on facts - predictions on various physical occurrence and phenomena in the universe.

We can easily disprove the credibility of astrological predictions in various ways.  In astrology they believe that each zodiac sign has an attributed behavior.  Imagine gathering a small group of the same sign.  They are sure to have certain similarities. However, as individuals we are bound to have more differences. Now imagine a thousand people with the same sign. The likelihood that they are to all have the same behavior becomes very much lesser (likely 0%).

Another way to do it would be to compare the horoscopes for a specific day. Horoscope predictions are generic in nature and can apply to any individual. If compared against each other their inconsistencies become evident. You can also shuffle the horoscopes and try to get them to match with the occurrence in life of any individual sign.

If the information we base our decisions on are inaccurate and inconsistent, then our judgment will have no bearing.  Do not insult your ability to think critically.

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