Monday, February 11, 2019

Women and Girls in Philippine Astronomy

In line with the celebration of the United Nations' International Day of Women and Girls, the IAU100 celebrates the Women and Girls in Astronomy. I intended to make a different kind of blog post for today however was not able to find the time to do so. Instead, here is a listing of some of the notable women and girls of the Philippine astronomy community.

Kristine Jane Atienza
Former overall coordinator of the UP Astronomical Society. She is one of the collaborative individuals in the astronomy community working together with different groups and institutions. She is also a founder of the Philippine Union of Student Organizations for Astronomy (PUSO for Astro), and a core member of the Manila Street Astronomers. Kristine also actively takes part in international astronomy conferences and meetings such as those of SEAAN and SGAC. She also spearheaded various projects such as the donation of telescopes to be given to aspiring astronomy groups in the country. Among her current projects is the development of a mobile planetarium for the visually impaired under the IAU Office for Astronomy Development, and the UNAWE Traveling Telescope.

Bernadette Joy Detera
An emerging youth space leader. She is an active member of the Space Generation Advisory Council (be it as a delegate, moderator, or event co-manager), and also the country's current National Point of Contact to SGAC. Bernadette is the former overall coordinator of the UP Astronomical Society, and a volunteer at the Manila Street Astronomers. During her term in UP AstroSoc she was one of the leading students who pushed for the official launching of the PUSO for Astro. She continues to actively support the union even after her term.

Marielle Eduardo
An aspiring astrophysicists. During her undergraduate years in Physics at UP Baguio Marielle has been also active in the astronomy scene. She spent her internship at the PAGASA Observatory looking into variable stars and sunspots. She also participated in several international schools learning more about astronomy and conducting research.

Andreia Carrillo
Currently working for her doctorate at the University of Texas. A PSHS graduate who pursued astronomy and astrophysics at the University of Michigan. She also spent an internship in her first year at the Solar Observation Program of RTU-DESS. She is also organizing web lectures/training in the Filipino Astronomy Group along with Jerome de Leon.

Dr. Reinabelle Reyes
Known as the “Filipina Who Proved Einstein Right” for her work with supermassive blackholes. Dr. Reina is the country's celebrity astrophysicist. Since her return to the Philippines after her post-doc she has been actively giving lectures, handling classes,  working as a data-scientist, and also hosting a science show on TV.

Dr. Jelly Grace Nonesa
Filipina astophysicist who worked on X-ray astronomy and dark matter profiles. She is currently an assistant professor at the University of Southern Mindanao.

Imelda Joson
A pioneering figure in Philippine astronomy, together with Edwin Aguirre. They proposed and drafted the executive proclamation for the National Astronomy Week. Imelda Joson has several contributions to local and international groups, which led them to being the first Filipinos to have an asteroid designated after them (6282 Edwelda).

Johanna Erika Valdueza
Geologist with the passion for the stars. Erika is an amateur astronomer and astro-blogger. Despite physical ailment and a lack of support and local opportunities for her research she pursued her masters thesis on a planetary geology topic. She is an alumnus of the UP Astronomical Society, a member of Manila Street Astronomers, Astronomical League of the Philippines, and Philippine Astronomical Society. She also attends various international trainings and conferences in astronomy

Maria Sobina Yu
One of the active high-school students in the local astronomy scene. She is the founder of the Judenite's Astronomical Organization. She is a member of the Astronomical League of the Philippines, Philippine Astronomical Society, and participate in various astronomy projects like the asteroid search campaign, or the Astronomy Translation Network. Sobina is also an astro-blogger.

Ashley Claire Batuigas
This 18-year old student from the University of San Carlos brought to the Philippines India's Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD). She is the current head of SSERD Philippines and organized the first Space Camp in Cebu.

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