Sunday, March 22, 2015

Some Remarkable Filipino Amateur Astronomers

Here is a post in contrast to my previous post on the Directory of Philippine Professional Astronomers. This time I'll be featuring the amateur astronomers.

I often argue that amateur astronomers are not individuals to be taken lightly just because of the word "amateur". They include a wide range of individuals that include beginners and those that also do professional work in astronomy. I myself began as an amateur astronomer. In my undergraduate studies I've managed the use and maintenance of the telescopes of the physics department of Silliman University as an amateur astronomer. I also began astro-blogging as an amateur.

So don't look down on being amateur astronomers. You might just end up like these individuals who have made remarkable contributions in the field of astronomy.

Fr. Victor Badillo SJ Father of Philippine Astronomy
  • Jesuit priest with a PhD in Physics.
  • Former director of the Manila Observatory (ADMU) in which he actively conducted solar radio physics
  • Founder of the Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS)
  • Astronomical League of the Philippines' Honorary Director
  • Minor planet 4866 designated as Asteroid Badillo by the IAU in honor of his works
  • Authored several astronomy papers

Edwin Aguirre and Imelda Joson (Edwelda)
  • First Filipinos to have an asteroid designated in their name by the IAU - minor planet 6282 Edwelda, for their contributions in astronomy
  •  Science writers/editors in international astronomical publications, particularly Sky & Telescope magazine
  • Astrophotographers
  • Former officers of the PAS
  • Recipients of the 1986 Padre Faura Astronomy Medal, 2006 Father Victor Badillo Astronomy Service Award, as well as several international commendations
  • Veteran eclipse chasers
  • Proposed and drafted the Executive Proclamation for the National Astronomy Week
  • Members of ALP, PAS, American Astronomical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, National Research Council of the Philippines

Christopher Go

  • A physics graduate from the University of San Carlos
  • Founding member of the University of San Carlos Astronomical Society
  • One of the country's top astrophotographers
  • Discovered 'Red Spot JR' in 24 February 2006 when Jupiter's white oval BA turned red
  • Worked with the Hubble Team
  • Worked with Celestron
  • Member of ALP and American Astronomical Society
  • Asteroid 2000 EL157 was designated by the IAU as 30100 Christophergo
  • Co-author to several astronomy papers
  • Conducts lecture/seminars all around the world in astroimaging and processing

Dr. Dante Ambrosio Father of Philippine Ethno-astronomy
  • Ph. D. in History
  • Professor of History at the University of the Philippines
  • Pioneered the research on Philippine Ethno-astronomy by documenting local starlore of the Philippines as part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009 objectives
  • Research published in his book Balatik: Katutubong Bituin ng mga Pilipino

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