Monday, June 30, 2014

Special Observing Session - June 28

During the summer of 2014 I initiated a series of voluntary special astronomical observations at home. I organized it for some students of batch 2018 of the BS Astronomy-Technology course of RTU. Here I taught them how to do star-hopping, locate targets, as well as describe the properties of some of these targets.

Last Saturday I had an opportunity to do another session despite the rainy season. We saw lesser objects than usual but it was still better than nothing. Our targets were mostly in the Scorpius-Sagittarius region and the summer triangle. For most of them it was also their first time to view Mars and Saturn. I had 6 students with me (Kea, Phoebe, Mae, Iela, Jochelle, & Dhann) with only one who has been with me in the other sessions (Kea). Other students wanted to join as well but were not able to secure permission from their guardians due to the last minute planning of the activity. Hopefully, next time I would be able to have another session with them.

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