Monday, June 24, 2013

The Starburst Initiative

Today,  we are currently traveling to Camarines Sur for another Starburst activity. What began as a program for a star party evolved into a nationwide astronomy outreach program. The Rizal Technological University's Department of Earth and Space Sciences is currently engaged in conducting astronomy lectures and stargazing activities in different high-schools and colleges throughout the Philippines. We create linkages with the different schools in order to promote astronomy education and research, as well as  astronomy in general, to the Filipinos. The program also seeks to increase the experiences and technical skills of the BS Astronomy-Technology students involved by allowing them to deliver lectures and share their views of the night sky through RTU's telescopes. This program has allowed us an avenue for communicating astronomy to the public and inspiring others to take an interest for the wonders of the universe.

Astronomy for all :)

Starburst at Camarines Sur

Starburst at RTU, Mandaluyong

Starburst at Laguna

Starburst at Negros Occidental

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