Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Moon-Venus-Aldebaran-Jupiter Conjunction

The night sky continues to be cloudy this past few weeks. It seems the only visibility lately happens during daybreak, where bright targets such as the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and the Sun can remain visible through the thin veil of clouds. I haven't been able to wake-up early to observe, however I did manage to wake up last Monday to see the conjunction of the waxing crescent moon, and the planets Venus and Jupiter, as well as the eye of the bull (Taurus) - Aldebaran.

I rushed to setup Alpha, my 6-inch newtonian, and made use of a Meade T-Adapter which I borrowed from Ma'am Ruby Dela Cruz of RTU. The mount of Alpha had no locks so I had some difficulty at pointing the scope because of the added weight from the camera and adapter.


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