Monday, May 28, 2012

Venus Transit

This coming June 6 (Philippines; June 5 in other time zones) will be one rare astronomical event of a life time - the transit of Venus.

The Venus transit is an event wherein the planet Venus will pass directly in between the Sun and Earth, making it appear as a dot moving across the surface of the Sun. This does not happen often since the plane of Venus and Earth are tilted with respect to Each other. This event will not repeat itself until the year 2117 making it indeed a once in a lifetime event. The eclipse happens in a pattern of pairs spaced 8 years apart, and followed by a gap of alternating 121 1/2 years and 105 1/2 years respectively. The last Venus transit was in 2004, so if you missed that this is literally the last chance.

The event will be seen from the Philippines from sunrise till noon. It is not safe to view, so proper protection is  needed. Transit of has a list of recommended viewing methods.

If however, you lack the equipment or are unsure of your safety to view the event, you may join the public events hosted by astronomical societies in the country:

  • The Astronomical League of the Philippines with the National Museum - Manila Planetarium will be having their public viewing at Rizal Park.
  • The Philippine Astronomical Society will be at the Manila Observatory at Ateneo de Manila.
  • The astronomical societies of UP Diliman, UP Los BaƱos, and RTU, with the cooperation of the Australian Embassy, DOST-PAGASA and D' Great Rovers will have their  observation at the CS Amphitheater at UP Diliman.

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