Thursday, March 24, 2011

To the Next Stargazers of Silliman University

 During my stay in the Physics Department of Silliman University, I have been to familiarize myself with the use of different telescopes. I experienced troubleshooting, getting rust and dust all over my clothes, and putting up and taking down the telescopes. I have taken a look into these telescopes with excitement and with each new thing I learned, my interest in astronomy grew.

 Over the years I have learned about the different mounts and optical designs for the telescopes. I have gotten familiar with which eyepiece to use for a particular target and how to focus to the sharpest image possible. I studied the optics of the telescopes, how to get their magnification and all.

With the added knowledge I gained, I have been able to share it with my fellow BS Physics students. I am glad whenever their interest seems to be perked up. Also, I have enjoyed sharing astronomy during stargazing sessions to students (irregardless of course), church mates and friends who always want to learn more about the wonders we can share under the night sky. The nights I spent in the Astronomy and Meteorology Observation Deck during stargazing sessions and data gathering will always be remembered. I am thankful for being able to spend time to look at the stars in awe.

To the future stargazers, astronomy enthusiasts and amateur astronomers of SU, keep it up! You have learned a couple of things from me and I am sure you will learn more in the future as you familiarize yourself with the night sky and the telescopes. Our library has a wonderful collection of Astronomy books which has helped me in my thesis and in the Astronomy Olympiad. What you may not know now you are sure to learn through experience. God bless and clear skies!

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