Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Astro-Journal 2

When Heaven Smiles

At the start of of the month of December, many people were surprised at the beautiful display of the night sky. My cellphone started showing messages from my friend saying, "look, the moon and the stars are smiling." I stepped out the house, grabbed the camera and looked for the moon on the western horizon. From what I could remember, I began to assume that the stars were not stars but the planet Jupiter and Venus which have been coloring the early night sky of November. When I finally saw the moon, I was surprised! It really displayed a smiling face.

Looking closely, I was sure that one of the eyes was Jupiter, the other I wasn't sure. I began snapping pictures and was disappointed that I couldn't get a good picture ( how i wished i had a CCD camera ). I went home, and told my friends that they were planets and not stars. After eating dinner, I heard from GMA 7's 24-horas that my assumptions were correct, the eyes of that smiling face was Jupiter and Venus.

A smile from the heavens to welcome the month of December, the season of Christmas. Merry Christmas and clear skies to all!

Image by Greg Morales

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Norman said...

It turns out, that the view from the Philippines showed a clear smiling face unlike in other countries..