Sunday, February 24, 2008


There is a new way to access NASA pages and keep track of what you wish to view. NASA has a personal user account called mynasa. You can access the page by typing

MYNASA allows you different features to make your research of space related articles easier. And, the links from the home page are credible, so you don't have to go checking around in all the different sites to check if the posted information is wrong.

Your default account would contain a NASA calendar (with current events), a panel where you can save NASA videos, a panel where you can view bookmarked news, and panels that update you with different news such as the solar system, planet earth, and technology.

The mynasa account is simple and it does not require any personal info since you wouldn't be allowed to post items. I've been using it for researching articles from NASA. Try it. ^_^

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Norman said...

I've noticed recently that mynasa has some problems with the mozilla firefox browser. If you encounter this, just switch to internet explorer or other browsers.

Also, if your connection is slow, avoid using mynasa since the banwidth is high, it might take you 10 min for every new page.